At Vantage Point Real Estate Group, we focus on attracting, securing and retaining the right tenants for each property. We understand the importance of the success of our tenants and look to forge collaborative relationships with each and every tenant, as well as create a synergistic tenant mix for each property. We bring our perspective as real estate experts, customers, and community members during the leasing process.


We are committed to superior service and take a personalized, hands-on, and creative approach to commercial real estate management. Our dedication and customized level of detail allows us to manage properties efficiently and effectively. We know our tenants are vital to the overall success of the property, so we conduct regular site visits as well as create a preventive maintenance strategy to address issues. Our approach ensures issues will be identified and resolved appropriately.


There’s much more to development than turning dirt and erecting a structure. At Vantage Point Real Estate Group, we believe each property is unique and full of potential. We creatively approach each development by visualizing the potential of each property and then marketing that vision. We look to create lasting designs by combining form and function with our approach, creative vision, and value-added touch in order to maximize business value and positively enhance the community.


We give value-add properties new life by implementing a customized approach best suited to each redevelopment. With great attention to detail, we create a fresh face for troubled properties, moving them forward to new possibilities. Our experience with redevelopment projects has increased our knowledge and capability, equipping us with the resources to redevelop properties effectively and efficiently.